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You know when you have an idea but it’s just that little kernel of a thought that is lacking any real gusto? Well that’s the story of this blog. Though hopefully with added gusto!

So who am I? I am a twenty six year old family historian who can only imagine the almost non-existent demographic that I belong to. I am that guy in the archives that has lived 1/3 the length of pretty much anyone else there and still has a great-grandmother that can reminisce about growing up in the 1920s.

I am of the generation that tweets and shares way too much information of facebook while listening to our iPhones.

And oddly enough I have this strange fascination with eras where advanced technology was the telegraph or the Victorola and a status update would require riding a horse to the next farm or telegraph office.

So you get that I’m in my twenties and I’ll stop beating it into the ground.

What I hope to do with this blog is document my experiences researching my family history as a younger member of the genealogy community and to connect to others who share my frustrations that genealogy is barely at Web 1.0. I hope to bridge the worlds of microfilm laden archives and that of digital archives and all the technologies that are revolutionizing genealogy, those that genealogists seem to be ignoring and the ones that don’t work as well the ones they have replaced.

So check back soon (or subscribe!) for forthcoming posts on tracking down living ancestors and finding records that are made of paper.. or some other pre-digitized medium.